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Welcome to Porto Romano

A Melting Port of Mediterranean Cuisine

From the charming countries of knotted olive trees and vibrant fishing boats, buoyed by turquoise waters, Porto Romano brings alive the magic and grandeur of Mediterranean cuisine to satisfy the most avid of food lovers.

Porto Romano’s evocative menu draws from the rich heritage of Mediterranean cuisine which has been influenced by three great revolutions : the Arab agricultural revolution of the ninth through twelfth centuries, the Age of Exploration in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the creative impulse of the Renaissance.

At Porto Romano, explore hearty Mediterranean flavours through its never monotonous menu. Expect bounties of the sea, plenty of seasonal vegetables, generous amounts of garlic and fresh herbs and liberal amounts of olive oil. Prepared with simplicity and respect, delivered in a cosy environment, Porto Romano has something for everyone – the vegetarian, the health conscious, and the lovers of rich cuisine.

*Porto Romano’s menu consists of halal meats and is a pork-free establishment


“… food is robust and homey …”
~ The Expat Nov 2005

“… rustic and authentic …”
~ The Expat Oct 2008

“… menu is, simply, quite unforgettable …”
~ The StarMetro, Food Sep 6 2007

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